Mount Hanthana Trail

What is there to see?

The Hanthana Mountain range is a beautiful set of hill tops which are stunning with lush panoramic views. Overlooking grassy plains and eucalyptus trees lining the estates, you will see friendly faces of the estate workers greeting you.

The range is also a big hit with hikers and adventure seekers where they do a good hike by traveling up to the point which has seen rapid development in the form of communication towers. The Hanthana mountain range comprises of more than seven peaks dotted gracefully. Among the seven peaks, the forth peak is the highest and the Katusukonda is the last peak and slightly dangerous part of this mountain range. The elevation at the summit of Hanthana is 1270m msl. The higher elevation levels especially above 100m msl are covered by sub montane forest.

The trek to Hanthana peak traverses through the estate road along which a few waterways cross the road. Tea is planted up to an elevation of 1000msl and scattered trees such as Thorny Dadap, Eucalyptus Spathodea spp, and Grevillea spp. can be seen among the tea bushes. At the fringe of the tea plantation the footpath leads to the grassland and to the submontane forest, which is characterized by the thick under growth of small bamboo species Arundinia debilis and Rubus moluccanus and Wild Strawberry, a thorny plant. Further interior to the natural forest unique plant species like Gracinia spp and Callaphylum spp. Syzygium spp. can be seen as an emergent. In gaps Bu-kenda is found as a dominant species. During most of the day the vegetation at higher elevation is covered by mist, hence a lush growth of moss and fern can be found on tree trunks, as well as on the ground. Ferns such as Lycopodium cernumm and Bird’s nest are some of the attractive features found along the trek. The few water ways found in this forest patch drain down crystal clear water which provide and uncontaminated habitat for fresh water crabs, pond skaters etc.

DURATION 6:00 hours walk
Trips commencing 7.00 am depending on the weather but can be changed according to the clients’ wish.
COST 50US$ per person
WHAT IS INCLUDED Accompanied by a resident naturalist, Leech socks, if required a picnic breakfast, can be provided for guests leaving before 7.30am
NOT INCLUDED Extra snacks, Tips and Extra expenditure are not included.
WHAT TO WEAR / WHAT TO BRING Preferably earth coloured clothes (for bird watching), hat, insect repellent, sun block cream, binoculars can be provided on request, field guides and note pad.